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Being a model is more than just good looks.

If you’ve got the stats, the poise, the finesse and most importantly, the courage to face the world with confidence, then MOdel Hub will be your guide and will push you further in this industry to let you discover your potential.

Always research well before you contact any agency or an agent. Verify their reputation and then proceed further.

Professional Portfolio

Last but not the least; you need a professional portfolio to promote yourself in the modeling market. Ask your photographer for a variety of pictures. Make sure that you check the sample work before handing over your portfolio task to any photographer. Also, don’t be shy in front of the camera and welcome the suggestions given by portfolio maker. Always prefer taking all the images soft copies on CD as well.

A great and versatile portfolio will showcase your diversity. You can actually hit a bulls eye with a combination of right attitude and professional portfolio.

At Indian Models Club, we will help you understand the growth prospects of modeling, your potential, and importance of health, personal skills, sophistication and much more.

Our Model

Also, you would be able to access modeling assignments and apply to them directly.

Anisha Choudhary
Modeling & Product Shoot
Simran Sharma
Modeling & Product Shoot
‎Shruti Tyagi‎
Modeling & Product Shoot

Start Modeling

Let us help you to understand how to become a model and how to start modeling in India.

First requirement – Passion

You should have passion to be a model. A very high level of interest and love to face the camera. If you are entering modeling line just because others think you are good and suitable, then this is not the right approach. You should yourself feel that you want to be a model.

Second requirement – Looks

Modeling is majorly about your looks and how you carry yourself. You should have a pleasing personality and fit body. Zero figure or muscular body is not necessary.

Third requirement – Confidence

You should be confident enough to meet people on your own. You should be confident enough to wear all types of garments and carry them with ease.

Fourth requirement – Skill / Talent

You should have skills and talent to face the camera with ease, should be good at posing and giving different expressions. You can learn this through our model grooming course specially for females. See the details here.

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